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하버드 한인 학생회 (Harvard Korea Society)는 1977년 설립된 비영리 단체로서, 하버드 대학교의 한국인 및 한국계 미국인 석사 및 박사 과정 (Arts & Sciences, Business, Dental, Design, Divinity, Education, Engineering, Government, Law, Medicine, and Public Health) 학생과 방문 연구원 및 그 가족들로 구성된 단체로 현재 300 여명의 학생 외 약 5-600 여 명이 함께 하고 있습니다. 저희 학생회는 매년 신입생환영회 (9월), 가을소셜 (11월), 스키캠프 (1월), Harvard­-MIT 연합 행사 (2월), 한국문화제 (4월), 졸업생환송회 (5월) 및 기업 설명회 등 학생들을 위한 다양한 행사를 준비하고 있습니다.


Welcome to the Harvard Korea Society

The Harvard Korea Society (HKS) is a non-profit organization of Korean graduate students and scholars at Harvard University. Founded in 1977, the HKS is an umbrella organization that encompasses all Harvard Graduate Schools (Arts & Science, Business, Dental, Design, Divinity, Education, Government, Law, Medicine, and Public Health).

The HKS caters to a large Korean population at Harvard, striving to anchor the varied interests and backgrounds of its members by building on our common heritage. Its activities include organizing cultural events, publishing an annual directory, and sponsoring informal talks and discussions. Social events and activities are geared toward cultivating a sense of community and highlighting issues and events that are important to Korean graduate students at Harvard.

Today, the organization serves over 300 members, mostly students, scholars, and their family members, and has a permanent presence in the lives of Korean Harvard graduate students. The HKS hopes to be a source of helpful information and strong social support, providing a solid foundation for an enjoyable Harvard experience.