NOTICE! This position is not for a personal assistant. We are looking for someone who has strengths in analyzing, statistics and languages(En/Kr).


AXA Direct Korea is hiring Executive Assistant

About AXA Group & AXA Direct Korea:

AXA is the number one global insurance brand and has been for 6 consecutive years.

We are also the number one insurance company in global revenue and the 8th largest asset manager. We build partnerships with other top players (e.g. HSBC, ICBC, Mandiri, BNP Paribas). All together, we service over 102 million customers worldwide, in 56 countries. As a result, we enjoy international exposure and have the chance to work with multicultural teams.



“AXA continues to achieve excellence in Korea ” Making customers’ life easier, more convenient, and safer.”


AXA Direct Korea as the market leader leading trend in the local direct insurance market, we introduced direct motor insurance, low-mileage insurance and three-year repair warranty for the first time in Korea.

AXA Direct Korea is expanding its business portfolio from motor insurance to other general insurance products, including hospitalization and travel insurance.


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NOTICE! This position is not for a personal assistant. We are looking for someone who has strengths in analyzing, statistics and languages(En/Kr).


Give permanent support to the direct executive and to relieve his or her direct executives from execution tasks, in order to maximize the executives\’ capacity to deliver high value to the Company.

Field Location Key responsibilities Requirements
Executive Assistant Head office(Seoul) ■ Daily Support: 

– Give a support the direct executive in its daily tasks: business meetings, projects, presentations, etc.


– Prepare a daily briefing with the direct executive to summarize the key topics of the day and to update


him/her on the different ongoing projects/issues to be solved




■ Assistance in meetings / projects:


– Prepare and participate to all the internal meetings that the direct executive will attend. This may include


the following tasks: preparation of summary sheets including a background summary and a reminder


of the key topics to be discussed, preparation of the minutes, follow-up of the outstanding issues


– Following the direct executive\’s guidance and instructions, preparation of presentations or any other


kind of document to be shared with the Executive Committee, AXA Global Direct, AXA Group,


the employees and so on


– When requested, participation to specific transversal projects




■ Analytical Tasks:


– When requested by the direct executive, to work on specific tasks, such as; creation of a new activity


report or dashboard, drill-down on a specific topic, preliminary study / analysis of a set of data, etc.




■ Informal intermediary:


– Become an informal intermediary between the direct executive and the rest of the organization. Participate to the deployment of the management\’s strategic vision across the organization; give transparent feedback to the direct executive concerning employees\’ perceptions

■ Education:- Master’s in Statistics/Mathematics or above


■ Experience:

– At least 5 ~ 7 years of experience


■ Language:

– MUST: Bilingual in Korean and English


■ Competencies:

– Analytical ability and capacity for synthesis

– Full autonomy and spirit of initiative

– Capacity to work under pressure

– Duty of confidentiality

– Conciliatory profile, capacity to generate dialogue and to solve conflicts

– Deep understanding of company\’s activities and processes

– High ability to assimilate knowledge

– Fluency in Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word

– Non-life insurance Theory

– Insurance Theory

– Insurance Laws

○ Annual Salary : Negotiable
    How to apply: Through our website (
1. Doc. screening
2. Personality & Competency Test online (Only for those who passed the round of doc. screening )3. Interview
○ Application Due date: By Nov. 16, 2014

○ Inquiry:  / +82 2-3479-4959,  Yunehwea Her (Recruiting & Mobility Team)



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